Samyos vision

Spiritual pursuits and its heritage is probably as old as mankind himself. Whether it is acquired through yogic excercises or through meditations, purpose is always to understand oneself better to have a prosperous life and enrichment of self.
Understanding oneself is one of the major task we human carry throughout our lives and no matter where we go, what we do all leads to one direction knowing oneself and there comes another path of knowing ’The truth’ or God.

Astrology , Palmistry are sisters of mainstream spiritual pathways helping us to understand our life , our occupation and as a whole understanding our purpose of life and how to make it better or how to avoid unnecessary obstacles created by inner confusion or external situations.
It begins with understanding the planet situations at the time of our birth and sketching a life diagram through that. In palmistry we read lines of hands and it is like a imprint of our life of what happened, what we are doing and what are the possibilities in future. Here in this place we try to solve our inner confusion with the help of these as well as face reading(for self or others).