Jivan comes from India and he is a licensed Clinical Psychologist as per Indian legislation. His life and spiritual side of nature begins with some glimpse and memories of childhood where if he goes back in time, looks like there were some experiences or things he said or experienced may not be considered coming from a normal childhood experiences.

At the age of fifteen just as exploring tendency he had read the hand of a relative and has said something about him which happened to be true and surprisingly, without any formal learning in palmistry.

At the age of nineteen on a summer evening he had his first big experience of spiritual awareness.he does not remember how long he was in a unknown realm only to be coming back by calling a assistant at home for dinner. After that things were never same for him.

Thereafter many sudden turn of events in life spirituality comes into his life in a direct manner. After certain life experience and with start of regular meditation he had to be isolated for more than 3 years in a small town. Even after that period in university days his period of isolation were continued causing surprise and worry for friends and family members.

After getting his psychology education he came to Sweden and started a new life here. In whole of his life and career he was always been readings to people. His readings and other guidance abilities are product of meditational experiences and even his palm reading may not be what it seems to us.